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Product Overview

As today’s telephony systems move rapidly to embrace the cost savings and flexibility of VoIP, SIP has emerged as the de facto standard signaling protocol for communications and presence information. Until now, small and medium sized organizations have lacked access to affordable system-level SIP call recording capabilities despite their growing need to record phone conversations.

Available solutions have been limited to exorbitantly expensive and complex enterprise solutions or simple PC-based handset recording software and software logger patches.

Many legacy solutions are priced at $500-$1,000 per user - more than the cost of an entire IP-PBX system for many SMBs

SIP Print is an affordable appliance that offers pure system-level SIP voice recording for SMB and larger organizations with a need to record from 15 to 200 seats per location. Because it supports SIP at the communications system level, SIP Print’s patent-pending platform can also record advanced functions like voicemail or “follow-me” calls forwarded to mobile phones or off-premise phone numbers.  As a member of the SIP Forum, SIP Print is involved in the latest developments regarding SIP and related technologies, ensuring that their appliances are SIP-compliant on a global scale.