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Call Accounting systems enable enterprises of all sizes to manage their telephone systems and related infrastructure more efficiently and cost effectively. It consists of a base "platform" that addresses the three main functional areas of voice communications management – Call Accounting, PBX Performance Monitoring and Security/Compliance Tracking.  These types of "hybrid" networks will be with us for many years.

In today’s global economy, with ever-increasing pressure to remain competitive, improve performance and maintaining complaince, call recording just makes sense.  Previously, large enterprises were the only ones who could generally afford the technologies to meet these needs, smaller organizations were shut out of the market. Now, every businesses can benefit from a world-class yet affordable solution to meet and overcome these challenges:

SoTel Systems, LLC has been serving the reseller/telco/interconnect marketplace since 1981, providing refurbished and unused hardware in the traditional TDM and analog space. Sotel carries a broad range of brands and products that offer leading-edge technology and value enhanced telephony solutions. Focused on providing solutions for today’s marketplace, SoTel has launched new offerings with regard to SIP trunking and IP Products and Services. SoTel Systems is now the “one stop shop” for all telecommunications reseller needs, from trunk to endpoint. By partnering with SoTel, resellers are assured solutions that are Just Right, Right Away.

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